Set route

Starting and ending points

There are two ways to set a route:

Select points on the map

To build a route where the beginning (or ending) route point is your current location:

  1. Tap and hold the appropriate point (the second route point) on the map and a context menu will open.

  2. Choose either To or From in the context menu:

    • — To: the route will start from your current location and end at the selected point.
    • From: the route will start from the selected point and end at your current location.

If you set the From point and the To (in any order), your route will be set between those two points.

Set points in the Route form

  1. Tap Route  on the map.

  2. In the Route form enter your starting (А) and ending (В) points:


    Your Current location is listed in line “А” by default. If you don't change this value, your route will begin from your current location. To change it, go to the next step.

    Tap А or В and choose how you want to enter your starting point or destination:

    • Using your keyboard — start entering the appropriate address.

    • Using voice entry — tap the voice entry button  and say the address out loud.

    • Select on map — tap a point on the map.

    • My location  — the point will automatically correspond to your current location.

    • History — select a point from your list of recent addresses.

    • Bookmarks — select a point from your Bookmarks list.

    Several route options will be plotted automatically when both points are set.

Choose route

Yandex.Transport offers you several routes based on different transport types (by car or on public transport).

You can choose the best option for you.

Choose a type of transport

To choose a transport type, tap the appropriate button:

  • — by car
  • — on public transport
  • — walking

If you change transport types, routes and itineraries will be reset.

When you set routes, all types of public transport are taken into consideration.


If you chose public transport, your route options will include one for taxi:

If Yandex.Taxi is installed on your device, then you can order a taxi without exiting the Yandex.Maps app. Tap Order Yandex.Taxi in the itinerary and you will be sent to the order page of the Яндекс.Такси app.

Choose your route

Yandex.Maps offers several route options:

  • first — gets you there the fastest

  • second — will take longer, but the route is simpler (fewer transfers, etc.)

  • third — will take the longest, but is also the simplest option.

The different route options are represented using different line colors. The itinerary for the first option will appear at the bottom of the screen.

To choose a route option, either tap on the one you want, or swipe the itinerary left or right.


An itinerary displays at the bottom of the screen when you set your route.

You can view it by hiding the map; just tap on the upper panel. To return to your route on the map, tap on the upper panel:

To view Route details on public transport, tap the itinerary.

In the Route details for public transport, the first and last stops for the part of your route that takes place on that type of transport are displayed. Tap on the field listing the number of stops to expand the list.

Swipe the itinerary to the left or right to go to a different route option.