Paying for fuel

  1. Payment methods
  2. Troubleshooting

You can pay for fuel using Yandex.Maps, without leaving your car.

The amount will be debited from a bank card linked to your account.

Tip. To save time, we recommend that you link a bank card to your account before using it at a gas station. See Payment methods.

The first time you pay for fuel, you need to verify access to your bank card. Up to 100 rubles will be debited from it. The app opens a window where you need to specify the amount debited (you can check it in your bank's app or in the SMS received). If you enter the amount correctly, no verification will be required for future payments from this bank card. The money will be available immediately after the verification.

Attention. You can only pay for fuel on a gas station's premises. Don't forget to specify the number of the fuel dispenser you are standing by, or else you can pay for fueling someone else's car.

Payment is available at gas stations marked on the map as a black circle with a green dot:


  1. Tap and select Gas station.
  2. Select a gas station and tap Go!.
  3. When you arrive there, tap Fuel up in the gas station card.
  4. Tell the gas station attendant that you'll pay through the app and name the brand of fuel.
  5. Specify the fuel dispenser number and fuel type.
  6. Tap Payment method and select the bank card to pay with from those linked to your account.
    • If you have a promotion code, tap Payment method → Discounts and bonuses → Enter promo code to activate a discount.
    • If you have a gas station loyalty card, tap Payment method → Discounts and bonuses; under Discounts, select the brand whose card you want to link.
    • If you want to link a new bank card to your account, tap Payment method → Add card, and enter the card details.
  7. Specify the amount of money you want to fuel up for or the required number of liters.

    To have a full tank, select the amount or number of liters that is equivalent to or greater than the full tank. After you make a payment, the excess amount will be refunded immediately.

  8. Tap Pay. The payment receipt will be sent to your email.
  9. Once the payment has been made, you can fuel up.

Payment methods

The amount will be debited from a bank card linked to your account. You can link a new bank card or remove the linked one through the app or in Yandex.Passport.

To link a bank card:

  1. Tap Menu .
  2. Tap Settings → Gas stations → Payment and promo codes.
  3. Tap Add card and enter the card details.

You can also add a bank card in the payment method selection mode when fueling up (see above).

To remove a bank card:

  1. Tap Menu .
  2. Tap Settings → Gas stations → Payment and promo codes.
  3. Tap Edit. In the list of linked bank cards, you'll see the (Delete) buttons.
  4. Tap (Delete) in the appropriate line. The bank card will be removed from the linked ones.


If you have problems paying for fuel, you can:

  • Follow the How it works link in the fuel payment mode, or select Menu → Settings → Gas stations→ FAQ.

    You'll see FAQs and answers to them.

  • Select Menu → Settings → Gas stations → Support.

    You can write a message or call the support service.

  • Click the yellow button below and write a message to our support staff.