Current location

You don't have to let the service determine your location, but if you do, it will be used to set your routes, display traffic jams, and search for places.

What happens when you tap My location :

  1. First tap: the map will be positioned to display your current location in the center.

    Your location is indicated with a placemark.

    Tap on it to see your exact address and point coordinates.

    If your location was not accurately determined, then the icon will display against a circular backdrop. The bigger the circle, the less precise the app is able to determine your location.

  2. Second tap: the map will orient so that the direction your device is facing corresponds to going forward on the map. Button to alter the view:

  3. Third tap: the map orients so that north is up. Button to alter the view:

    Simultaneously activates the Compass button , which switches the map's orientation between “North ↔ In direction of movement” when tapped in succession; this button displays after tapping  and   and can be accessed by tapping My location :


    The Compass button also displays if you enable the Map rotation setting and  turn the map. In this case, the compass arrow will point north.