With street views (which are available in several hundred cities) you can:

  • View the sights (or, for example, the neighborhood around a potential new home.
  • Navigate an unfamiliar area.
  • View interchanges and road signs.
  • Show your friends an interesting-looking place.

There are two ways to enable Street view mode:

From the place card

Select a place and tap Street view in the place card that opens (this mode is available if there are panoramic views of the selected place).

From the context menu

Tap and hold a point on the map to open the context menu. On the menu, select Street view.

A street panorama of the selected area opens with street names and house addresses.

In Street view mode you can:

  1. “Move” in the right direction by tapping the white arrow on the panorama.

  2. Change the scale of the image by spreading or pinching it.

  3. “See things from different sides” by dragging the image in the appropriate direction.

To close street view, tap .