Offline maps

You can save city maps to your device. This way the app will work faster, consume less of your data bandwidth, and let you search for places on the map when you don't have internet access.

The map size depends on the specific area but will not exceed 400 MB.

Saved maps are used to set routes in offline mode.

Downloading maps

  1. Tap Menu .
  2. Go to Offline maps.
  3. Choose your city using one of the following methods:
    • Select a city from the list.

      To choose a different country, swipe the list up or down (countries are listed in the following order: Russia — Belarus — Ukraine — Latvia — Estonia — Lithuania — Finland — Kazakhstan — Moldova — Abkhazia — Georgia — Hungary — Turkey— Armenia — Serbia — Azerbaijan — Slovenia — Northern Macedonia — Uzbekistan — Turkmenistan — France — Kyrgyzstan — Côte d'Ivoire).

    • Start entering the name of a city in the search bar and then select it when it appears in suggestions.

  4. You will see a message telling you how much memory the offline map occupies.

    Tap Download.

    You will get a message if you don't have enough available memory for the map on your device. You can go to your device's settings to free up memory if you need to.

    You can save the maps you select in your device's memory or on a memory card.

Downloading maps. Settings

You can choose to automatically update maps over any internet connection (mobile or Wi-Fi) or only over Wi-Fi.


To enable map autoupdates:

  1. Tap Menu .
  2. Go to Settings → Offline maps.
  3. Enable Autoupdates.

Download over Wi-Fi only

  1. Tap Menu .
  2. Go to Settings → Offline maps.
  3. Enable Download over Wi-Fi only.

Delete downloaded maps

  1. Tap Menu .
  2. Go to Settings → Offline maps → Delete downloaded maps.
  3. Confirm the operation in the form that opens.