Place card

Information about a place is shown on the place card.

There are two ways to open a place card:

On the map

Tap and hold a point on the map to open the context menu. Select What's here? You'll see at the point you chose.

In the search results

Tap on a placemark on the map or choose a location from the search results list. You'll see at the point you chose.

The building entrance will be marked with a red arrow: .

Cards open in minimized form. To expand the card, tap on it.

To close the card, tap any point on the map or tap Back.

The contents of a public transport stop card differs from cards for other types of places.

Organization cards

Place cards contain different information depending on the type of place.

Organizations have the most detailed place cards.

  1. Place name.

  2. Directions (showing travel times on public transport). Tap the button to set the route to your destination.

  3. — Place rating (from 0 to 10) based on user ratings and reviews as well as performance ratings.

    You can find out more about the place based on the reviews (see below).

  4. Address and administrative area of the place.

  5. If a given place is located in a city that has a metro, then the place card includes a list of the closest metro stations and how far away they are.

  6. Hours of operation on current day: .

  7. Distance from current location:.

  8. Call icon. Tap this icon to call the number listed for that place.

  9. Save icon. Tap this icon to save a place to your Favorites.

  10. Site icon. Tap this icon to go to the place's website.

  11. Share icon. Tap to share a link to the place in social networks, emails, etc.

  12. Panoramas. Tap on a panorama fragment (with this icon ) to view the panorama (available if the place has panoramas).
  13. Photos. Tap the photo fragment that indicates how many photos there are (for example, 5 photos) to view the photos (if there are photos associated with that place).

  14. More . Tap on the arrow to expand the list of additional information about that place (its schedule, important details like whether or not credit cards are accepted, etc.).

  15. Rate this place. Tap the appropriate button: to add a positive review, or to leave a negative one.

  16. Write review. Tap this button to leave a review (only one per place).

    You can edit or delete your review. Just tap it and choose one of these options: Edit, Delete, or Cancel.

    To leave a review or rate an organization, you need to sign in to Yandex.

  17. Reviews. You can read other users' reviews of the place you selected.

    Place cards contain several reviews, each of which has a link to the full text.

    Tap on the more reviews link to view the entire list of available reviews.

  18. Edit information. Tap this button and indicate what information needs to be changed (phone number, address, etc.) using the Feedback form.

    You need to sign in to Yandex in order to send your suggestions to our support staff.

Transport stop cards

Tap the icon for the appropriate stop and select What's here? in the context menu. The transport stop card opens and shows the following:

  • Name of the stop.

  • Distance from current location:.

  • How long it takes to get to the stop (on the button).

    Tap this button to set a route from your current location to the stop.

  • Icons for types of transport that stop there (buses, mini buses, etc.), including route numbers:

Tap on the card to expand it.

The expanded view shows a list of routes with forecasted arrival times and intervals between stops according to the schedule for transport services.