Find on the map

On Yandex.Maps, you can find:

  • Geographic areas:

    • By name (in search results)

    • By combination of location indication and place type (in search results)

  • Organizations:

    • By name (in the search results for [pharmacy] you'll see all pharmacies located within the current map area).

    • By combination of name and place name (in search results for [pharmacy, street name] you'll see pharmacies in the area of the street indicated).

To find a location:
  1. Tap on the search bar.


    You can also use voice search.

  2. If you're looking for:

    • A specific type of place (an ATM, gas station, etc.) nearby, tap the appropriate button in the “Categories” list:

    • A place you searched for earlier, swipe the “Categories” list to the left and select it from the “History” list:

    • A new place, start entering your search in the search field and use the search suggestions.

You'll see one or more places in the search results. They will be marked with on the map.

To filter places by rating, location, or working hours, tap Filters under the search field and choose the appropriate filters from the list.

Tap a map point or place name in the search results list to get detailed information about a location.

To Share a link to a place, tap .

To clear your search history:

  1. Tap Menu .

  2. Go to Settings → Clear search history.

  3. Confirm the operation in the form that opens.