Share a link

  1. Find a place on the map or select one from My places.
  2. Tap on the place card or open its panorama.
  3. Tap (on iOS) or (on Android).

  4. In the form that opens, select an option to create a link to the place:

    • Mail: create an email with a link to the place. Enter the recipient and send the email.
    • Message: create an SMS with a link to the place. Enter the recipient's phone number and send the message.
    • Copy: copies a link to the place to your clipboard.
    • More: opens a panel with additional settings (for example, to create a contact with place details).

    On Android devices there are more ways to create links than there are on iOS. But they are created in a similar way.

You can change the order of buttons in the Share panel:

  1. Tap More in the desired line.

  2. In the list that opens, drag the button names to the appropriate places.

  3. Tap Done.