Road events

Road events are points on the map that are associated with certain events (for example, accidents): .

Another form of "road event" is the user text messages known as "conversations": .


All personal information is removed from road alerts. In other words, such messages don't contain any identifying information about the user or their car.

To see and add road events, follow these instructions:
  1. Tap Menu .

  2. Tap Settings → Map → Road events.

  3. Enable Show on map and select the appropriate event types:

    • — Accident
    • — Road work
    • — Speed camera
    • — Road blocked
    • — Raised bridge
    • “Conversations” (commentary associated with a given place)
    • — Other
To add a road event to the map, do the following:
  1. Tap Menu and select Add road event.


    tap and hold a point on the map to open the context menu. Select Add road event.

  2. In the Event form that opens:

    1. Choose the type of event:

      Please note that the “Raised bridges” and “Closure” events may appear on the map, but you can't add these events.

    2. If you add an “Accident” or “Road work” event, choose the traffic lane that's affected in the Choose lane field.
    3. In the Comments field, enter your comments for the event being added.
    4. Tap Send. The event will be added to the map. To see comments, tap on the event icon.