Beta testing

The Yandex.Maps team is constantly working to improve the app. We really value our users who try out new features as soon as they are released and then share their impressions with us. Any users can participate in beta testing.

What is beta testing?

Generally, beta versions contain all the features that the public version of the app does, along with several other new features.

All functions (both current and newly released) are checked before the app is sent for testing. Nevertheless, it's possible that some bugs or areas for improvement might be discovered. The Yandex.Maps team is grateful when users report these issues.

You can exit the beta testing version of the app at any time and go back to using the current general version of the app.

Participate in beta testing

How to participate in beta testing
  1. Tap here, enter your email, and tap Send.

  2. You will get a response with the subject “TestFlight: Yandex LLC invited you to test Yandex.Maps”. This is your invitation to join the beta testing.

    Open the message and tap Start Testing.
  3. You will be asked to download the TestFlight app (Apple's test environment) from the App Store. Download it.

  4. Open the TestFlight app. If the beta version of Yandex.Maps is available at that time, you can install it. If it's not available, you will get a push notification when it is.

  5. Use the app and test out new functions (a list of them will appear in the description of the beta version in TestFlight).

    Use the Send Feedback button in TestFlight or go to Menu → Settings → About → Contact developers in Yandex.Maps to tell us about mistakes you find and share your impressions.

How to stop participating in beta testing
  1. Delete the beta version of Yandex.Maps you installed earlier and install the general version from the App Store.

  2. Log in to the TestFlight app, select Yandex.Maps, and tap Unsubscribe.

You will be logged out of the beta testing app and will no longer receive release notifications for new beta versions.