Using the map

The homepage displays:

Search bar

A field in the lower part of the screen (search for places and addresses).

Tap on the bar to start searching on the map.

— Voice search

A button at the right edge of the search bar. Enables voice search.

— Menu

A button to the left of the search bar. Tap it to open the Map type menu, My places list, Settings, and Road alerts.

— Routes

Lets you set routes.

Sliding toolbar

The slide-out panel contains the quick search menu and is located above the search bar.

Swipe the panel up to see sections like Where to eat and drink, Where to shop, Where to go out and have fun, and so on.

Each section shows a preview of objects in the corresponding category. Tap on the preview to go to the place card.

Each section has filter buttons. Tap one of them and the list will contain only those items which meet the filtering condition. For example, tap the Bars and pubs button in the Where to eat and drink section to see the list of bars and pubs located nearby and recommended by the service.

Swipe the panel down to open the map.


On the homepage, you'll see the map of your area and the following buttons:

— Traffic

Displays the current traffic jam level.

— Layers

Lets you switch between the layers for — parking — public transport in motion and ─ panoramas. To enable the display of layers, see the Layers section.

and — Map type.

Switches between 2D and 3D map views.

and — Zooming.

Lets you zoom in and out on the map.

You can also change the map scale:

  • By pinching or spreading it.

  • By double tapping the map and swiping up or down the screen.

  • By tapping twice any point on the map to zoom in.

Some phone models give you even more options to change the scale. For example, you might be able to change it using your volume button.

You can display or hide these buttons.

— Determine location

Automatically determines your location. If this function is enabled, then your current location is shown on the map as () and is taken into account when searching for places and getting directions.

— Menu

This button is available in en-route mode.

You can also do the following:

  • Create a list of favorite places on the map and use them to set routes.

  • Move the map. To view a different map area, drag the map in the appropriate direction.
  • Determine the distance between two places using the scale bar for your current map:

    You can display or hide the scale ruler.

  • Change the map orientation.

  • Use the options in the context menu. Tap and hold any point on the map to open the context menu:

  • As you move along your route, the app guides you, and tells you about upcoming maneuvers, your speed, and so on. You can configure the guiding features yourself.