Actions with received emails

    Reading emails

    Go to your inbox and tap the email you would like to read. To open an email located in another folder, tap the folder name at the top of the page and choose the correct one from the list.

    Downloading attachments

    Open the email and tap Download next to the attachment icon to download the file.

    Images and documents do not need to be downloaded, as they can be viewed directly in the browser. To do so, tap View next to the attachment icon.

    Deleting emails

    To delete one or more emails, you need to:

    1. Highlight the emails you would like to delete.
    2. Tap the Delete button above the list of emails.

    Forwarding emails

    Use the button marked Forward in the menu above the original email to forward it. To send an email as an attachment, tap the checkbox below the main email field.

    Moving emails

    To move an email to another folder, you need to:

    1. Choose one email or several emails you would like to move.
    2. In the menu above the email list tap More → Move to folder.
    3. Choose the destination folder from the list.
    4. Tap the button marked Apply.

    Translating emails

    You can use Yandex.Translate or the full version of Yandex.Mail to translate emails.

    Note. Tap the full version link in the lower left-hand corner of the page to switch to the full version of Yandex.Mail. To go back to the mobile version, tap Light version at the bottom of the page.