Composing and sending emails

    Writing emails

    Here's what you need to do to write an email:

    1. Tap Compose, which is located in the menu above the list of emails.
    2. Enter the address of the recipient in the field marked To.
    3. Enter the subject of the email in the field marked Subject.
    4. Enter your message in the main field.
    5. Tap the button marked Send.

    Sending files

    There are two ways to send files using the mobile version of Yandex.Mail:

    • You can tap the button marked Browse when writing an email (not available in all browsers). To attach a file, tap Browse, which is listed above the main field, and select the file you would like to send. The file will only begin uploading once you tap Send.
    • Using a standard email app on your phone. Read through the Email program settings section to learn how to set up Yandex.Mail for your app. The settings for Yandex.Mail are the same for all smartphones.