For webmasters

It takes some time after site pages make it into Search before their images start being indexed.

Images are downloaded via links from the img tag src attribute, as well as from data-src and data-original attributes (in this case, an image link in the src attribute is not required).

If your images have not appeared in Yandex.Images search results after some time has elapsed, do the following:

  1. Check whether the site page that contains the images shows up in the main Search results.
  2. Make sure that the images have captions or are published on pages with text. If the page doesn't contain any text that's related to a specific image, this image may fail to show up in response to search queries.
    Tip. We recommend using the img tag to place images on web pages. You can put the image description in the alt and title attributes. You can also set up markup for images.

    Yandex finds images that best match the user's query. However, image captions aren't the only ranking factor, so the words from the query may be missing from the pages that contain the images.

  3. Make sure that the robots.txt file allows robots to index images. You can test this using the robots.txt analyzer.
  4. You also need to make sure that your images are in a standard image file format (JPEG, GIF, or PNG). Images fetched by using a script are generally not indexed. To index not easily accessible content, you can use the Sitemap file.