How do I add an image to search?

Note. If you are the owner of a site, review the guidelines for images.

To get your image into search results, publish it on a site with related content and add text describing the image:

  1. Image captions (alt, title).

  2. Surrounding text — the text located in direct proximity to the image on the page.

  3. Names of files and scripts, including transliterated and simplified word-for-word translations — these are also important when searching.

Then wait until the robot indexes the image.

Yandex does not index very large images. If you want to place an original of a photograph, for example, it may not be included in Yandex.Images search database. To guarantee that your photograph is included in search, make a smaller copy of the image with a link to the original.

Yandex only indexes images with standard graphical formats (JPEG, GIF, and PNG). Background images and pictures shown using script are not indexed.