View images

    How to move between images

    • To scroll through the search results page, use your mouse wheel or PageUp, PageDown, or Spacebar on your keyboard.

      By clicking More images towards the bottom of the page, you can load the next group of images.

    • To view successive images, use either the arrow keys or the A,W,S, and D keys on your keyboard.
      Note. You can also click  and , to view the images in order.

    How to view basic information about the image

    Move your cursor over the image to view basic information (size, description, and address of source).

    How to expand the image

    To expand the image, click the thumbnail view. A larger view of the image opens.

    To return to standard viewing, click  .

    How to view copies of an image

    Most images on the internet have copies (duplicates). Copies can be exactly the same or differ in some small way, for example if they are framed or are a different size. To ensure as wide a variety of search results as possible, Yandex doesn't display multiple copies of images on the search results page.

    Links to different sizes of the same image can be found in the drop-down list to the right of the image. To view a copy of a found image, click the link with the necessary size (a link to a copy with the maximum size, shown in pixels, is always at top). The image opens in a separate window.

    If you need to find a copy of an image, read the Help section for Image search.

    How to open images on a separate page

    To open images in a new page click Open.

    Why isn't an image loading?

    An image may not load if it isn't available via a direct link, or if access has been restricted on the site where it is posted. In these situations, we recommend that you view the image on its source page.