Program for Partners

Every day, more than half a million people run searches using the Yandex.Images homepage. A significant segment of these users aren't looking for standard images, but rather sources of inspiration and beauty. With this audience in mind, we choose one unique photograph every day and post it to the Yandex.Images homepage.

    Partner Offer

    If your photo-hosting service meets the partner requirements, we will make you a partnership offer to work for a trial period (up to 100 days). During this photo-hosting period, you will grant Yandex permission to use your images free of charge in any media format, and also to provide free images for users to apply as wallpaper (sub-licensing). Yandex selects and posts partner images on the Yandex.Images homepage and determines what types of images (photographs, vector graphics, illustrations) and themes (nature, animals, abstract images, etc.) prove most popular with users.

    Yandex's decision on whether or not to prolong a partnership will depend on the results of this trial period. After the trial period, you will receive payment for every image that we use from your photostock or photo-hosting service. The licensing cost is negotiated on an individual basis.

    Bonuses for Partners

    • Photographs from your site may be displayed on the Yandex.Images homepage.

    • A link to the source of the photo will be included in the description of the selected photo.
    • A copyright will be printed on every image that the user downloads in the format “Yandex and <resource name>. <Author's name>”.

    • In the “About the project” section, we will list you as one of our partners and post your logotype with a link to your site.

    Requirements for Partners

    Any site that contains a large database of quality photos or illustrations can become a Yandex.Images partner, so long as you observe the following conditions:

    1. The size of your database should be at least 100,000 images.
    2. Your images should be of high resolution (no less than 1920 pixels in height and 2500 in width).
    3. Images should consist of high-quality professional content and not contain copyrights or watermarks.
    4. Your database of photographs or illustrations should contain a wide spectrum of themes (nature, animals, architecture, abstract images, automobiles, cityscapes, 3D, close-ups, etc.).
    5. Images export as ZIP-archives and meet the following requirements:
      • Photos are full-size or contain links to full-size images.
      • Photos contain names and descriptions (approx. 100 characters).
      • Author's description of the image (two or three sentences about where, when and how the image was shot, as well as what is happening).
    6. Grant Yandex the right to choose photographs from your site.
    7. Compulsory liability insurance maintained on the side of the photo-hosting or photostock service.

    The photo-hosting (or photostock) service should confirm that it possesses the legal right to grant Yandex the license for use of its photographs as part of Yandex services. Yandex has the right to:

    1. Reproduce, copy, distribute and bring to public attention partner photographs on all Yandex websites as well as on social networking sites throughout the world.
    2. Alter the size of photographs.
    3. Grant free sub-licensing to an unlimited number of persons within 24 hours of posting to Yandex.Images (according to local time), so that said persons can copy and reproduce the photographs for their own non-commercial uses.

    Rules concerning selection and display of images

    All images are singled out automatically based on an analysis of their graphic elements: gradient, texture, color characteristics, contrast, etc.

    Then the selected images pass through individual moderation. We check to make sure that there are no portraits of people or erotic pictures among the chosen images and ensure that a variety of themes are represented.

    We may choose to display more images from some partners than from others.

    Note. During your uncompensated trial period, you may find that we display your images a little more frequently. This is so that we can quickly determine how effective your resources are.

    How to become a partner

    Send a request with information about your website to the address We will send you all the necessary information and let you know how to proceed.