How can I tell which images from my site are included in the search?

You can use search operators to find indexed images from your site.




Query example


Search for images located at address specified (URL).

To find all pictures at an address that begins with a specific values, put a * symbol at the end of the URL.

The URL in the query should be enclosed in inverted commas if it contains one of the following characters:

  • '
  • "
  • (
  • )
  • _
url:full URL
url: host name/category/*


Will return images posted on the page specified.


Will return images on pages whose address starts with


Search for all images on the site indicated.

To find images on a specific topic, specify it after the site URL (separated by a space).

site:URL topic

[site: ]

Will return images posted on subdomains and pages of the site

[site: water]

Will return images on the topic of “water” posted on subdomains and pages of