How do I get my image into the first position in search results?

Image ranking takes into account the text placed next to an image. The more accurately the image description corresponds to the user's query, the more likely the image is to appear on the first page of search results.

The quality of the site where the image is placed, as well as the quality of the image itself, also affect ranking. To learn more about what makes a site high-quality, go to the Tips for webmasters section of the Yandex Webmaster Help.

The search results for each image include a link to the page whose description of the image best corresponds to the user's query.

Note. Yandex returns images that match the user's query best. But image description isn't the only ranking factor. This means that there might not be any query words on the pages where the images are found.

The site is in the search results, but the site images aren't found

You're probably comparing Yandex search results with Yandex Images search results. This isn't entirely correct: Yandex Search and Yandex Images use different ranking algorithms. To get images from your site into the search results, make sure that they're indexed and have meaningful descriptions.