Virus protection

  1. Quick scan
  2. Long-term protection

Hackers can use viruses to steal your files, block your computer, and find out your passwords to sites where you are registered. Yandex may notice when your account has been hacked and suggest that you change your password. Before you change your password, check all your computers for viruses. Otherwise a virus can find out what your new password is using the same method it did for the old one.

If you can't use your computer at all, try unblocking it using our instructions.

Quick scan

You can quickly scan your computer for viruses and delete them using the free utility Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool. This tool re-downloads every time you need to do a quick scan of your computer to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version.

Long-term protection

You can protect your computer against viruses using antivirus software that regularly updates its list of known viruses. We recommend setting up an antivirus that regularly monitors your programs, rather than just scanning your computer from time to time.

Proprietary antivirus software usually includes more functions and options than free versions do. But a free antivirus can be enough to provide the necessary protection. Some of the most popular free antivirus software are Kaspersky Free and AVG.