Login via email

You can log in to Yandex without a password if you can get an email to your Yandex.Mail on another device. To do this, just click Get login email and then click on the link in the email.

Note. The link is valid for 10 minutes and becomes invalid as soon as you close the page where you started to log in to Yandex.

You won't be able to log in via email if you have two-factor authentication set up. In this case, you can only log in via Yandex.Key.

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Logging in

The Get login email button is available even if you haven't signed in to any service. But to log in via email, first you have to sign in to Yandex.Mail on another device.

  1. Enter your username in the login form:

  2. Click Get login email:

  3. Look at the images:

  4. Check your email. You should receive a message with the subject “Confirm logging in” and the Log in button. Click this button.

  5. A page with a set of images will open:
  6. Click Log in. You can now go back to the service or app you wanted to log in to.


What should I do with the email I didn't request?

Click the Cancel button in the email. Someone might have entered your username by mistake.

Can I disable login via email?

It is not yet possible to disable login via email.