Restore access to your account with Yandex Key

You may need to restore access to your account if the phone that you installed Yandex Key on got lost or broken. Keep in mind that someone who finds your phone may get access to your account.

To restore access, you will need the phone number linked to your Yandex ID.

If you don't have access to that phone number, fill out the form to contact Support.

When you successfully restore access to an account:

  • Logging in with a one-time password is disabled.
  • Old app passwords stop working.
  • All sites and apps lose access to your account.

You can set up one-time passwords again immediately after restoring access to your account.

  1. One-time password login method
  2. Password + one-time password login method
  3. If you lost your phone with the Yandex Key app

One-time password login method

If you log in to Yandex with a one-time password:

  1. Fill out the form and click Next.
  2. Confirm the phone number that is linked to your Yandex ID:

    1. Enter your number in the field and click Send code. You'll receive an SMS with the code.

    2. Enter that code in the space provided.

    If you can't accessed the linked phone number or don't remember it, click Can't restore?to contact the support team. You can't restore access manually without a phone number.

  3. After you correctly enter the code from the SMS, you will be prompted to enter the PIN code.

    If you created a PIN code when setting up one-time passwords, enter it. Otherwise, click I do not know the PIN, then fill in the Restore Access form.

    If you enter the wrong PIN code 10 times, you are automatically blocked from further attempts to restore access. In this case, you'll also need to fill in the Restore Access Form.

  4. If the PIN code is entered correctly, you can set a new password for your account. Then you can re-enable logging in with a one-time password.

You'll need to create new app passwords for third-party apps and mail importers because your old passwords will stop working after you disable logging in with a one-time password. You can create new passwords on the app password management page.

Password + one-time password login method

If you log in to Yandex with a password + one-time password:

  1. If you're logged in to Yandex on another device, go to your Yandex ID account.
  2. Change the login method to one that doesn't require access to Yandex Key, such as Password + SMS or Standard password.
  3. On the password screen, choose No access to Yandex Key, wait for the SMS with the confirmation code, and enter it in the field that appears.

    If you entered a valid code, the login method will be changed.

If you can't log in to your account, use the form for restoring access.

If you lost your phone with the Yandex Key app

To minimize your risk of being hacked:

  1. Block the SIM card by following your mobile service provider's instructions. After that, only you can restore access to your account.

  2. Get a new SIM card and restore access to your account following the instructions above.