Flight search and ticket selection

Yandex.Flights offers tickets from both international and domestic airlines.

To select tickets, enter your departure and arrival locations, departure dates, number of passengers and service class.

If you only want a ticket in one direction, click the departure date field and select the One-way option.

To change the number of passengers, add accompanying children or select a different service class, click the passenger number selection field.

After you finish entering your ticket selection criteria, click Search. Yandex.Flights will start searching partner companies to find matching tickets, and the page will display the lowest price found and the search progress.

If the destination you have chosen is served by several airlines, it may take some time to search all the offers from our partners. You can stop your search at any time; just click the Stop search and show results button at the bottom of the page. Don't worry, you won't miss out on the best offer – even after you stop the search, the service continues to compare available offers in the background and will notify you the moment it comes across cheaper tickets.

After a search is completed or stopped, the tickets that are available will display in two groups:

  • Attractive deals. This group includes tickets:
    • with the lowest price
    • with the most convenient departure time or the shortest flight time
    • for flights that are popular with users of the service
    • sold by airlines without intermediaries
  • Other options. More expensive or less convenient tickets that also meet your search criteria.

Attention! Search results show local departure and arrival times. The prices displayed are set by our partners based on how many tickets you want to book, the ages of passengers, and the service class you selected.

On the results page you can change selection criteria and run another search, filter or sort your list of results, or proceed to book tickets.

To reset filter criteria, click Reset filters.

Sometimes a flight to a nearby city (even including the cost of transfer) can be significantly cheaper and more convenient than a direct flight to the city you are traveling to. To view the cost of flights to nearby locations, click Nearby under Attractive deals.

Additionally, ticket prices can range considerably depending on the month or day of the week. To compare prices for other dates, click Price trend under Attractive deals.

Airports within a given distance from the selected destination display in a pop-up window.

Use the slider on the right side of the window to change this distance.

To search for tickets to any of the locations found, click Search to the right of the location name, or click its name on the map.

A popup window will show the approximate cost of tickets on a preceding or succeeding date. You can use these estimates to find out if it would be cheaper to start your trip a few days earlier or later.

Ticket prices are represented by different colors in the window. The color of the bar reflects how the current price compares to the average price for that destination in the current month:

  • Green bars show prices that are lower than the average.
  • Grey bars show higher-than-average prices.
  • Light-grey shaded bars signify that prices are not available for the dates indicated. You can search for tickets for these dates by clicking Search under the bar graph.

By default, the window shows how much it will cost if you start your trip on one of the three preceding or three succeeding days relative to your selected departure date. If you are looking for a round trip, the bars will represent the total price of both tickets. If you move the departure date, the return date is automatically moved by the same number of days so that the length of your trip stays the same.

To view prices for the entire current month, click the 1 month button. To view ticket prices for a different month, select the month from the list in the top left corner of the window.

If you are planning a round trip, you can change the length of your trip  by using the and buttons at the top of the window. The service will automatically select tickets based on the adjusted number of days between flights and update the price for the whole trip.

To select tickets for a different date:

  1. Click the bar with the price/date combination that best suits you. The departure date will display at the bottom of the window along with the approximate price of a direct flight and a flight with connections.

  2. Click Search in the bottom right corner of the window. The system will search for tickets with your new departure date (and return date if the trip you selected includes a return flight).

    You can also start searching for tickets by clicking the price of a direct flight or a flight with connections at the bottom of the window. If you click the direct flight price, the search results will only include direct flights.

    Note. The Search button displays when you select a departure date that is different from your initial choice. To view tickets for the date you selected initially, click the Buy button at the top of the price trend window.

When the search is complete, a page with tickets matching the new search criteria will display.