Difficulties in using or returning tickets

After booking, you have not received an e-ticket or itinerary receipt

First, check your “Spam” email folder and your account on the airline or booking agency website. If you cannot find your ticket there, contact the airline or agency where you booked the ticket.

If the airline or agency that sold you your ticket cannot help you, please contact the Yandex.Flights support service about the matter. In your message, please enter the name of the partner that you bought the ticket from, as well as your order number, and under whose name it was made. The exact name of the partner can be seen on their site.

I want to refund or exchange my ticket

To exchange or refund a ticket, as well as make any changes to a booking, please contact the airline or agency where you bought the ticket from. The name and contact details of the airline or agency are usually found on your itinerary or e-ticket.

If you encounter any problems while refunding or exchanging your ticket, please contact the Yandex.Flights support service.

The agency that sold you a ticket has closed

When a passenger buys a ticket, they are automatically making a contract with an airline. If an agency goes out of business and you have questions about your flight, you should contact your flight carrier.

Attention. After booking, make sure that the information on your ticket is correct and that the booking is valid.