Price disparity

Price on partner site is greater than what was on Yandex.Flights

Note. Make sure that additional services were not selected when you booked your ticket.

One reason could be that several people are booking the same ticket as you. In this case, the price you selected might no longer be available. If so, the agency must display a message saying that the price is no longer available and suggest other pricing options.

If the price on the partner site is greater than what you saw on the service, please contact the Yandex.Flights support service.

Price on partner site is in a different currency

A partner site usually quotes prices in your local currency, but in some cases it may display ticket prices in another currency. Such sites are included in search results in order to present you with as many purchasing options as possible. Some international agencies and airlines will only accept payment in a foreign currency but still sell tickets to many destinations at discount prices.

If you pay for a flight ticket by card with an account in a different currency, please take into consideration that the bank may debit a larger amount than what is quoted on the site. Many banks charge a commission for currency conversion. Therefore, it is best to pay in the currency that matches your bank account.

Note. Check with your bank to find out if they charge commissions and, if so, how much.

More money was withdrawn from my credit card than what was indicated on the site

Note. Make sure that additional services were not selected when you booked your ticket.

Prices can change for a number of reasons:

  • currency exchange rate difference
  • technical error when debiting payment (for example, a double transaction took place)
  • payment processing — money was debited prior to booking and the price changed during the booking process

Contact your bank or payment service that you used to purchase tickets to make sure that no technical erors occurred while money was debited from your account. In other cases, please contact the Yandex.Flights support service.

Additional services were added to ticket cost

Booking agency websites often offer additional services, such as insurance and airport transfer tickets. If you need additional services, you can select them on the partner website when you make a booking.

According to Yandex.Flights rules, additional services must not be included in the price quoted on agency sites by default. If this happens to you, remove the unnecessary options before purchase and please let the Yandex.Flights support service know.