Ticket search

How do I select tickets for a specific date?

Refer to the Flight search and ticket selection section to find out how to choose tickets for a specific date.Passengers must select tickets themselves.

Does Yandex.Flights have timetables for international flights?

Yes, you can.You can view timetables, compare prices, and select tickets for both domestic and international flights.

What time is printed on the tickets?

Air tickets always show the local time, i.e. the time zone where the airport is located.

Can I select a flight from a particular airline?Or specify a particular airport?

Yes, you can.To specify an airline or airport, use the filters on the ticket search page. You can also specify which Yandex partners you would like to book tickets with, what time of day you want to depart, and whether you want to see flights with connections or only direct ones.

How do I select a ticket for a child?

Yandex.Flights allows you to enter the age of the child you are traveling with and select options offered by a partner service that suit you. Just enter how many tickets are for infants (0–2 years old) and/or children (2–12 years old) before starting your search.

What baggage allowance is included with my ticket?

The baggage allowance determines the type, quantity, total weight, and dimensions of the baggage that you can carry on your flight at no charge.Every airline establishes their own baggage allowance for their flights, which is why it is important to check their policy when you buy tickets.

The majority of ticket prices on the service indicate what type of baggage is not included in the allowance.

  • Paid carry-on — you can check your bags for free but carry-ons have to be paid for separately.

  • Paid baggage — you can bring a carry-on on board for free, but you have to pay to check your bags separately.

  • Baggage fee possible — depending on the ticket rate, you may have to pay separately to check your bags.Typically, carry-ons are transported free of charge.

You can find out what the exact baggage allowances are on the websites of the airlines or agencies where you purchase tickets.If you plan to transport items that exceed the allowance, you will need to pay for an additional piece of baggage or cabin seat in addition to the price of your tickets.You can pay for your baggage when you purchase tickets on the site or later at the airport (i.e. at your airline's check-in counters when you arrive for your flight).