How to book tickets

To book a ticket:

  1. Find suitable tickets.If necessary, consider flying to nearby locations or change your date of departure.
  2. Click Buy — a pop-up window will open with detailed information about the ticket you have selected (if you are booking a round trip, the window will display information about return tickets as well).The partner site selling the ticket at the price you selected will also open automatically in a new tab.There you will be able to book a ticket and use a convenient payment method.

Different partners may quote different prices for the same flight.This is due to different partnership terms and conditions with airlines and applicable service fees.At the bottom right of the screen, you can see prices offered by other partners for the flight that you selected.The prices are based on how many tickets you want to buy, the ages of passengers, and the service class you selected.

To book one of the tickets you see, click Buy to the right of the appropriate option.The partner site will open in a new tab in your browser; you can proceed to book and pay for your ticket there.

After completing the booking process, check your ticket status.

Note. Tickets are sold by Yandex.Flights partners. Please contact the appropriate partner company directly if you have any questions about booking or purchasing tickets.