Why don't I have access to Yandex.Direct certification?

You most likely did not take The Global PPC Campaign Manager course and you do not have unique access to the certification system. If you have completed the training but you can't enter the system using the access provided to you, please contact the Support service. Don't forget to provide your username in your message.

Contact the Support service

Why don't I have access to Yandex.Metrica certification?

Currently, Metrica certification is only available for employees of advertising agencies that work with Yandex on a commission-based contract. Independent experts, employees of advertisers' companies and agencies without a commission contract cannot access the test.

If you are an agency employee and your username adheres to the terms of certification, please contact our Support service.

Contact the Support service

I passed the test, but still haven't received the original certificate. What should I do?

The original certificate is sent one month after you successfully pass the test. The address you confirmed in the interface is used to send the certificate.

If the certificate has not arrived, check that the address on the test results page is correct. You may have forgotten to confirm it.

If the contact information is correct and confirmed, but you still haven't received your certificate, please contact the Support service. You should also contact us if the confirmed address needs to be changed.

Contact the Support service

Is it possible to receive the certificate at the Yandex office?

Yes, it is possible. After successfully passing the test, tell our Support service that you would like to pick up the certificate yourself.

Provide your first and last name and the date you took the test in your message. The certificate will be ready within two weeks and we will notify you when you can pick it up.

Contact the Support service

The certificate has been lost. How do I restore it?

In addition to the printed certificate, you can use the electronic copy of it on the “My Certificates” page.

Here you can get a link to public versions of your certificates that you can send in email or place on a site or blog.

If you need an original, please contact our Support service and indicate your username and the number of the certificate that should be duplicated.

Contact the Support service

Multiple employees use the same account. Can they all undergo certification?

If there is a valid certificate for the username, it is not technically possible to undergo certification again.

We recommend creating a separate representative username for each employee that uses Yandex.Metrica. This is the only way that each employee can take the test and have their own certificate history.


It is not possible to change an employee's personal information on the certificate after the test has been passed.

How much does it cost to take the test?

The test is free. When observing the terms of certification access, the test can be taken by any employee of the advertising agency or participant in The Global PPC Campaign Manager course.

How can I prepare for the test?

Every test consists of theoretical questions and practical tasks. Have a paper and pen ready in advance. You may need them for making calculations.

When preparing for the Yandex.Metrica test, read the Help sections carefully. You can ask questions about how the tools work in the Metrica forum.

Is it possible to change the first and last names on the certificate after taking the test?

It is possible to change information only in certain cases:

  • If a representative's username is transferred from one employee to another and they plan to undergo certification in Expert, please contact the support service. There should not be any active certificates under the username.


    The test should not be taken under a username with someone else's personal information before your application to change information has been evaluated.

  • If you need to correct a misspelling in your name, please write to us about this in order to receive the certificate with correct information.

  • If your last name has changed and you want to change it on the certificate of expertise, send us documents confirming your name change. For example, a copy of your passport and marriage certificate.

Contact the Support service

An error occurred when taking the test and I could not access Yandex.Expert again. After this, my attempt was counted as unsuccessful. What do I do?

Please report this to the Support service. Indicate your username and the date you took the test in the message. We also recommend attaching a screenshot of the error.

If an error is detected in the system, we will restore your attempt.

Contact the Support service

I changed jobs. Can I link my username with certificate histories to a new agency?

Contact your former employer for them to remove your username from their list of representatives. Only the agency itself can do this.

After this, the username can be linked to a new agency account. When making a switch on a username, all information about previously issued certificates and conducted ad campaigns will be saved.