Access to the test

  • Access to Yandex.Metrica testing is only available to employees of ad agencies that partner with Yandex.

    All employees of agencies that have conducted ad campaigns in Direct for three months or more can access the tests.

    If new employees join the ad agency, it's best to instantly create a representative username for them with their personal information. Each expert's certificate history can be saved only through this method. It is best to delete the usernames of employees who no longer work with the agency from the list of agency representatives.

    The certification test can be taken under a regular representative username or a client representative username. You can't use the agency's main representative username to access the test.

  • Access to the test on Yandex.Direct is only available to employees of ad agencies who have taken The Global PPC Campaign Manager course. Upon completion of training, each participant gets unique credentials (username and password) from the training organizers for accessing the Yandex.Expert certification system.