Fraud alert

Some sites are fake and pretend to be the real thing. It's worth keeping in mind that visiting these sites may lead to losing confidential information, money, etc.

If you end up on such a site, browsers with Yandex Elements will alert you to the danger:

We insist that you not visit this site.

Visiting resources like this is risky because:

  • the site may conceal (without clearly warning you) that services offered are paid and, in addition, ask you to perform actions that lead to money being debited from your mobile phone;

  • services paid for are, in fact, not provided. In a range of cases, services already paid for may not appear as you expected.

Follow these simple rules to avoid pay for unnecessary services:

  • Do not enter your mobile number on sites that you do not trust completely. Also avoid transmitting any other personal information (bank card numbers and PIN codes, passport/driver's license information, user names or passwords, etc.).
  • Don't send messages from your phone to numbers shown on sites.

How payment for services can spring up