Getting messages

You may experience problems receiving email on the domain if:
  • The domain's registration has expired.
  • The registrar has blocked access to the domain.
  • The domain hasn't been delegated or has been undelegated from the registrar.
  • Delegation settings are invalid.
  • DNS records for working with Yandex.Mail are not configured or are configured incorrectly.

To resolve issues with receiving email, contact the domain administrator. This is the person who assigned mailboxes to you. The Yandex.Mail for Domain support service can't help you with this.

If you registered the mailbox on a specific site, contact support for that site.

The recommendations below are for domain administrators.

Check the "Whois" information about the domain

When the domain registration expires, the registrar removes the domain from delegation or delegates it to blocked servers.

You can check the domain delegation information using the service.

In the field:
  • state: (Status: or Domain Status:) – check the domain status.

  • Name Server: or nserver: (there should be at least two) – check which servers the domain is delegated to.

  • Expiration Date: (paid-till:, Domain Expiration Date: pr Expires On:) — check when the domain registration expires.


If NS servers are specified:


Contact the registrar's support service. The registrar blocked the domain because the administrator didn't confirm the email contact address.

If NS servers are specified: ( or ( or

Ask the registrar why the domain is blocked. This is usually related to the domain registration expiring.

If your domain is delegated and its registration hasn't expired yet, you can proceed to checking the DNS settings.

Delegation settings

If the domain registration hasn't expired and the domain is delegated, check the DNS using a dig tool (for example,

  1. Make sure that the response to the “NS” request is from the same NS servers specified in the Whois domain information.

  2. Enter the name of your domain (“yourdomain.tld”) as the site address.

  3. Choose the NS record type and make a request.

If the response is from the NS servers specified for the registrar, it means the delegation settings are correct.

If you don't get a response or the response is from different NS servers, it means the changes have not yet taken effect, or delegation settings were made incorrectly. For example, an error was made in the NS server names when delegating the domain for the registrar, or the zone for your domain isn't configured on the servers that the domain is delegated to.

If other NS servers respond besides the ones specified for the registrar, it means the servers that the domain is delegated to have other NS records added to them. In order for Yandex.Mail for Domain to work correctly, the domain should be delegated to servers belonging to a single company. Delegation should only be performed in the registrar's control panel.

DNS records

If delegation settings are configured correctly, you can proceed to checking the MX record, since this is the one responsible for receiving mail. You can do this using a dig tool (for example,

  1. Enter the name of your domain (“yourdomain.tld”) as the site address.

  2. Choose the MX record type and make a request.

If the MX record is configured correctly, the response will be something like this:

yourdomain.tld. 21521 IN MX 10

Possible problems:

  • The server doesn't respond to the request or the wrong value is returned. This means that either the changes haven't propagated yet, or the MX record was not set up correctly.

  • Besides the Yandex MX record, the response had MX records pointing to other servers.

    To resolve this problem, delete the records about the other servers. To do this, go to the DNS management section where you configured the Yandex MX record.

  • The record in the server response is in the format “”. You must add the dot at the end of the MX record value: “”.

Domain settings are correct

If you are convinced that all of the domain settings are correct, look for a possible cause in the Troubleshooting section in the Help for Yandex.Mail.

Notification messages from the site aren't delivered to mailboxes

Try the following recommendations:
  • Check the domain settings using the instructions above.

  • Contact the administrator of the site's hosting server. Ask them to configure the server correctly. The server hosting the site might be interpreting the domain as local and trying to send messages to an internal directory.

  • Check whether mail service is activated for your domain on the hosting provider or registrar. This service must be disabled in order for Yandex.Mail for Domain to work correctly.

You can configure sending email from the Yandex SMTP server – “”. To do this, use:
  • Port “465” with SSL encryption.

  • Mandatory server authentication (you must specify the full address of the mailbox that will be used for sending).

To avoid problems with mail delivery, follow the Yandex requirements for honest mailing lists.