Domain management access

To go to the domain management interface:
  1. Log in on Yandex (use an account with a username like “*@yandex.tld” that you created for working with this domain).

    You can't use your Yandex.Mail for Domain account (an account with a username like "*@yourdomain.tld", where "yourdomain.tld" is the name of your domain).

  2. Open the My domains page.

I forgot or don't know what the domain administrator account is

For security reasons, Yandex doesn't give out information about the account the domain was connected to.

If you are already using Yandex.Mail on your domain but you forgot or don't know the account that was used for connecting the domain, the Yandex.Mail for Domain support team can help you transfer domain management to a different Yandex account (with a username like “*@yandex.tld”).

To do this:
  1. Register a new Yandex account. Make sure you enter information about yourself (your first and last name, security question, answer to the question, and phone number), so we can restore the password if you lose it.

  2. Use the feedback form to send a message to the support team. In the form, choose “I want to restore access to domain management”.

I forgot the password for the domain administrator account

Try to recover the password on the restore access page.

If you specified a phone number or alternative email address when creating the account, enter them on the restore access page. The phone number should be specified in full, starting from the country code. You can have a verification code sent to your phone or email address.

If you didn't associate a phone or email address with the account, answer the security question.

I want to transfer domain management

You can transfer domain management to another user.

Transferring a domain yourself
Attention. When you make the transfer yourself, all mailboxes created for the domain will have to be deleted.
To transfer domain management:
  1. Delete all the mailboxes on the domain. You won't be able to restore email messages and other information for these mailboxes.

  2. Disconnect the domain.

  3. Log in on Yandex under the account that you want to transfer the domain to.

  4. Connect the domain for the new account.

  5. Confirm domain ownership for the new account.

    If the domain is delegated to Yandex servers, it can accidentally be confirmed for a different account that someone is using to try to connect the same domain. To avoid this, before confirming, temporarily delegate the domain to another company's servers (not Yandex). After confirmation, you can again delegate the domain to Yandex servers.

Transferring a domain while preserving mailboxes

To transfer domain management and also keep the mailboxes, use the feedback form to send a message to the support service.

In the form:
  • Choose “I want to transfer management to another administrator”.

  • For the reply address, enter the current domain administrator's email address.

I want to add an additional administrator

An additional administrator is a Yandex user (with a username like “*@yandex.tld”) who can manage mailboxes in Yandex.Mail for Domain, but can't manage the domain itself.

You can add an additional administrator via the Yandex.Mail for Domain API.

If the domain is delegated to Yandex servers, the additional administrator can use the API to manage the domain, mailboxes, and DNS. You will need to give the additional administrator the access token.