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How to delegate a domain to Yandex

Yandex DNS hosting

You can delegate your domain to Yandex. This means that your domain's functionality will be provided by Yandex's servers.

After delegating the domain, DNS records - which are needed for Mail and Jabber to function on your domain - will be set up automatically.

In addition, you will be able to access a user-friendly DNS-record editor.

How to delegate a domain to Yandex

  1. Go to My domains.  If you have several domains, select the one you want to delegate to Yandex. On the domain page, follow the "DNS editor" link and make sure that all necessary records are available in the list of DNS records. If any records are missing, add them using the form for adding DNS records.

    Attention! Editing DNS records requires specific knowledge and skills. Please be careful.
  2. Change your domain's NS servers (this is done using the tools from the domain registrar or hosting-provider you purchased the domain from):

    • Primary DNS server:

    • Secondary DNS server:

    Attention! The DNS servers are called and The letter d at the beginning of the DNS server is mandatory.

    If your registrar's interface contains fields for entering IP addresses, do not fill them in.

By delegating your domain to Yandex, you confirm your ownership of the domain. This applies in the event that it was delegated no later than 24 hours after the domain connection, and that connection was made using a unique username. If more than 24 hours elapse after domain delegation, or after several connection attempts using different usernames, you will have to confirm your domain ownership.

Your domain will be delegated to Yandex in short time. You can find out the domain status on the My domains page. The notification "The domain is connected and delegated to Yandex" will appear next to the name of the delegated domain.

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