Mail for domain

Problems with settings or access to domain mailboxes

I can't access my mailbox. What should I do?

If you provided a security question during mailbox registration, use the link to recover your password. As the username, provide the full address of the mailbox you can't access.

If password recovery failed using this method, contact the administrator of the domain where the mailbox is registered. The administrator will be able to reset the password on the domain control panel and tell you what it is.

I forgot the answer to the secret question

If you do not remember the answer to the current security question and would like to change it, contact the domain administrator or owner who provided the mailbox to you. The administrator can give you hints about the security question by using information in the domain control panel. or change it by using API Yandex.Mail for domains.

I want to delete the mailbox

Mailboxes can only be deleted by the domain administrator. Therefore, if you want to delete a mailbox, please contact the administrator of the domain where your mailbox is registered. The administrator will be able to delete the mailbox in the domain control panel.

How do I configure the mail client to work with the mailbox?

Mail server settings are given in the table:





Incoming mail servers



active SSL



active SSL

Outgoing mail server



active SSL

Attention! The SMTP server, as well as the incoming mail servers, require mandatory authorization when sending emails with a username, provided in the field From: of the e-mail to be sent.

Why can't I upload a profile picture in my mailbox settings?

Currently it is not possible to upload profile pictures in account settings for Mail for Domain users, but we are working on making this possible. If you want recipients to see your profile picture in Yandex.Mail, please use Gravatar. Sign up for this service, upload your profile picture, and all recipients of your emails will see it in short order.

Additional mail address and phone number

Unfortunately Mail for Domain users cannot provide an additional email address and phone number in the account settings as of yet.