Mail for domain

Problems with domain connection, confirmation or configuration

Attention! Changes in domain settings (MX, CNAME, NS settings and other DNS server settings) can take a long time to propagate in the network – from several hours to two days. If domain ownership is not confirmed immediately or the MX records are not defined instantly, please wait for about 24 hours so that information on the changes can propagate across the network.

Domain ownership is not confirmed

Make sure that you have configured the domain correctly. Configuration instructions are provided in the How do I confirm domain ownership? section. If you are confirming the domain ownership by loading a special file, make sure that you placed the file in the root directory of the website and it is available to view.

For example, the file for domain must be accessible via the link

МХ records do not pass the check

It is possible that your hosting provider has not yet made the changes to the zone settings, or they are not yet valid. Check with the support service of the domain DNS hosting.

We also advise that you check that all fields in the DNS server domain management interface are filled in correctly. Make sure that you have deleted all previous MX records and there is a dot at the end of the address.

More detailed information on configuring MX records are provided in the section How to configure MX records

Note. If you delegated the domain to a Yandex DNS, but the domain status is "Waiting for installation of MX records," go to the domain management page and click on Enable Yandex.Mail for Domain. The appropriate settings will be configured automatically.

When trying to delegate the domain, the registrar informs that SOA records are not generated on Yandex servers.

This might happen if you try to delegate the domain before you actually confirm domain ownership. Unless you confirm domain ownership, there will be no SOA records generated on our servers which prove the readiness to "accept" the domain.

Domain ownership confirmation will enable the correct generation of SOA records and it will ensure that DNS domain settings and mailboxes are managed with your login.

If you cannot use any of the methods listed on the Help page for domain ownership confirmation, try to delegate the domain without testing, if this is allowed by your registrar.

Why do I have to register the mailbox on Yandex if I want the mail to be based on the domain name?

Yandex.Mail for domains is a Yandex service. To connect your domain to Yandex Mail, you need a Yandex account, which will be your administration account. You will use this account to manage the mailboxes which are created on the basis of your domain.


Email and mailboxes can only be managed through the account the domain is connected to. We therefore recommend that you register a separate (not a personal) account to connect a corporate domain. Please note that account access can only be restored if you have provided additional personal information (security question, mobile phone number, additional mail address, full name and other data) in Yandex.Passport. Please make sure that all information is true and correct, you have access to the additional email address or mobile phone, and can also answer the security question.