Importing mailboxes from other servers

You can migrate mailboxes and their contents from other mail servers to Yandex.Mail for Domain (either from personal servers or public servers such as Mail.Ru, Gmail, and so on).

Mailbox import is only possible after confirming the domain.

During the import, new mailboxes are created in Yandex.Mail for the domain. This means the mailbox usernames and passwords must meet the Yandex requirements:
  • The username must:
    • Contain only Latin letters, numbers, dashes, or dots.

    • Start with a letter, end with a letter or number, and be no longer than 30 characters.

  • The password must:
    • Contain from 6 to 20 characters – Latin letters, numbers, and symbols (! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + : ; , .).

    • Be different from the username.

To import mailboxes:

1. Configure the source server parameters

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the domain management page. To do this, go to the My domains page and click the link with the domain name.

  2. Click Go to the import page in the right column in the Import mailboxes from another server section.

  3. Choose or Gmail if you want to migrate mailboxes from “Mail.Ru” or “Gmail”. The server parameters will be set automatically for these services.

    The Your own server option lets you set parameters for an individual server.

  4. Set the following parameters:
    • Protocol (POP or IMAP).

      The IMAP protocol is preferable if the server supports it. IMAP allows you to migrate the full structure of a mailbox.

    • The server's domain name or IP address in the Server name field (for example, “”).

    • The server port in the Port field (for example, 993).

    • Whether to use SSL.

  5. Click Next.

2. Enter the usernames and passwords for the mailboxes

Listing usernames and passwords in a file

To import mailboxes, Yandex.Mail for Domain will need the corresponding usernames and passwords. If the source server requires the full email address for authorization, enter the full address as the username.

You can enter mailbox data manually on the import page, or prepare a special file with usernames and passwords.

Each line of the file must contain the username and password of a single mailbox, separated by a space. For example:

login1 password1
login10 password10

If a username or password on the source server doesn't meet the Yandex requirements, you should specify a new one in the file. A password on the source server that contains spaces must be enclosed in quotation marks ("): For example:

login1 "pas sword1" login1 new_password1

3. Start the import

Before starting the import, check each mailbox being imported for whether support for the correct email protocol is enabled.

To start the import, click Begin transfer or Upload a file and begin import.

4. Complete the import

Errors may occur during import. Information about errors is shown on the import page. Fix any errors and run the import again.