Managing mailing lists

A mailing list is an email address that is associated with a group of mailboxes. Messages that are sent to the mailing list will be delivered to each of the associated mailboxes. The maximum number of mailing lists is limited by the total number of mailboxes on the domain.

Restriction. You can add a maximum of 10,000 recipients per mailing list.

To create a mailing list:

  1. Go to the My domains page and click the domain name.

  2. Click Create mailing list in the column on the right in the Mailing lists section.

  3. Set the address of the mailing list and click Create.

The name of the created mailing list will appear in the Mailing lists section. To configure it (add or remove addresses that will get messages for this mailing list, or delete the mailing list itself), click the name of the list.