Mail for domain

Chat in Yandex.Mail for Domain

Chat in Yandex.Mail for Domain allows your users to exchange instant messages using any program supporting the Jabber protocol.

Jabber is an open protocol for instant messaging.  The number of networks on the Internet built on Jabber technology is constantly growing (e.g.,, Google Talk, QIP).

Your domain's Mail users can easily exchange instant messages:

  • with other Mail users of your domain;

  • with Mail users on a different domain connected to Yandex;

  • with Yandex.Mail users (address types like,, and so on).

To allow instant message exchange between your domain's Mail users and users of any other jabber-networks (google talk, livejournal, qip, etc.), you have to set up SRV records.

You can communicate with your friends using any application that supports the Jabber protocol. Please use the recommended settings below.

Shared contact list for all users of your domain

Enable the Shared contact list for instant communication between the users of your domain.

In this case, all other users of this domain will be automatically added to the Chat contact list for all your users.

How to set up SRV records

If you delegated your domain to Yandex, SRV records will be configured automatically.

Otherwise, you need to have editing access to your domain's DNS records from your registrar or hosting provider in order to set up the SRV records. This access is usually provided through the web interface.

Enter two records with the following values:

  1. Record type: SRV

    Name: _xmpp-client._tcp

    Priority: 20

    Weight 0

    Port 5222


  2. Record type: SRV

    Name: _xmpp-server._tcp

    Priority: 20

    Weight 0

    Port 5269


Attention! If the web interface for configuring your domain does not have the Weight, Port or Priority fields, all data must be entered in the Value field separated with a space. As a result, the records might look like this:

How to configure a Jabber client (program)

To use the Jabber service on your domain, configure your Jabber client as follows:

  • Server:

  • Port 5222

  • Jabber ID/Account:

  • Password: your password