Mail for domain

Domain mailing lists

You can create a mailing list that includes any number of the mailboxes created in your domain. An email sent from the mailing list will be delivered to each of these mailboxes.

To create a mailing list:

  1. Go to My domains.
  2. Select the appropriate domain from the list (if several domains are connected). All mailing lists that you created will be displayed in the Mailing lists block (on the right), as well as the number of addresses included in those mailing lists.
  3. Click Create mailing list and provide the address of the mailing list.
Attention! The mailing list address should not be the same as an address that already exists on the domain.

To go to the mailing list management page, click on its name in the list (on the right).

The number of mailing lists (as well as the number of domain mailboxes) is unlimited. By default, up to 1000 email addresses can be created in one domain. Information on how to create more mail addresses is provided on the corresponding Help page.