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Domain aliases

This function is useful for people who have more than one domain. You can add an alias to any of your domains.

What is this?

If one of your domains is already connected to Yandex.Mail and has some mailboxes, then you can make the second domain its alias. This means that emails sent to the mailbox with the same name in the alias domain will also arrive at the main domain mailbox.


If you make domain an alias to the domain, you will also receive emails at which were sent to

How to add a domain alias?

  1. Go to My domains.
  2. Select the required domain in the list
  3. Click configure domain.

Only a domain connected to Yandex.Mail without any mailboxes can be an alias. If your domain meets this criteria, you will see a dropdown menu next to Domain alias.

Next, select the appropriate domain from the list.

You can add an unlimited number of aliases for one domain.