Mail for domain

Import emails from a different server

Connect the domain to Yandex.Mail and create mailboxes with the same usernames that already exist in your domain.

After creating mailboxes, configure the MX records or delegate your domain to Yandex.

From this point on, all emails sent to the email addresses in your domain will go to Yandex.Mail. In order to import the contents of mailboxes from your previous server, follow the link "Go to the import page" on the domain page.

The following parameters will be automatically defined on the Import mailboxes from another server page: original server name and protocol, which will be used for the transfer the contents of the mailboxes. To specify other parameters, click on the link import from another server.


If the mail server you are going to import mailboxes from supports the IMAP protocol, we recommend that you specify this particular server. Then the contents of all mailbox folders will be transferred to Yandex.Mail. The POP protocol only supports transfer of the inbox folder.

If you want to transfer more than five mailboxes, enter their usernames and passwords. Then click on the Begin transfer button.

If you want to transfer a large number of mailboxes (up to 1000), generate a text file with each line containing a username and password separated by a space or tab. A password containing spaces must be enclosed in quotes (""). Then click the Upload file and start import button.

Note. In the list, you can also provide the addresses of the mailboxes on the Yandex servers to which the emails will be transferred. This is useful if the usernames of the original mailboxes are specific (for example, they are a combination of the username and domain name, i.e., domain.tld+login), as well as if the mailbox address on the Yandex server differs from the original one. These addresses must to be provided in the following format: “original_loginoriginal_password login_on_Yandexpassword_on_Yandex.”.

Then you will see information on the progress of the mailbox transfer from the original server to Yandex. To stop the transfer, click the Stop import button.

Note. The mailbox transfer speed depends on their size and also the operating speed of the original server. Transferring mailboxes with a large number of emails may take from several hours to an entire day.

After the mail transfer is complete, the Import mail from another server page will available again to enter data about the server and the users.

Attention! The time it takes for changes to the domain MX records to take effect depends on your registrar and be anywhere from several hours to 2-3 days. In this case, you may lose emails sent to your domain's addresses while MX records are being switched over. To avoid this situation, we recommend that you launch the migration process again a few days after the mailboxes transfer.