Mail for domain

I have a domain

Please specify the domain which you would like to use with Yandex.Mail on the Connect domain page.

For this purpose, enter the domain name and click on the Connect domain button.

To start using Yandex.Mail for Domain, you will have to:

  1. confirm domain ownership;

  2. set up MX records or delegate your domain to Yandex.

If you only want to use Yandex tools for your domain, it is best to delegate your domain to Yandex, as all necessary settings for your domain will be configured automatically.

If you also use your domain for a website located with your hosting provider, it will be easier to configure the MX records in its control panel.

Note. By confirming domain ownership, you demonstrate that the Yandex login with which the domain is connected belongs to the owner of the domain.
Attention! From hereon in, to manage Mail and mailboxes on the connected domain, you will have to sign in with the login which was used to connect the domain to Yandex.Mail. Therefore, if the domain belongs to a company, it is recommended to connect it using a separate account, not a personal one. Please note that account access can only be restored if you have provided additional personal information (security question, mobile phone number, additional mail address, full name and other data) in Yandex.Passport. Please make sure that all information is true and correct, that you have access to the additional email address or mobile phone, and can also answer the security question.