Mail for domain

Through the web interface (from any computer)

Note. If you delegate your domain to Yandex, all necessary records will be configured automatically.

To set up the CNAME record, you need to have access to editing the DNS records of your domain with your registrar. This access is usually provided through the web interface.

Please enter the following settings:

  • Subdomain name: mail

  • Record type: CNAME

  • Data:

For example, it may look as follows:

Note. Changing the domain name to your domain name is not necessary, this is part of the system address.  If you replace domain with the name of the domain to be connected, the address will not work.
Attention! Propagation of the DNS settings (in particular, CNAME records) may take from several hours to two to three days. Therefore, a short address for the authorization form might not start working immediately.