Prohibited categories of goods and services

Ads for the following goods and services are not permitted:

  • Gambling, sports forecasts, betting offices that deal with games of chance, and similar organizations

  • Products containing alcohol

  • Explosive devices and materials (other than pyrotechnic products)

  • Remote sale of goods that cannot be legally sold remotely (for example: jewelry, medicinal products)

  • Imitations of original goods (for example, knockoffs of famous watch brands)

  • Medical abortions

  • Narcotic and psychotropic substances as well as their chemical precursors

  • Weapons (all types, including pneumatic, hunting, antique, gas-operated, and souvenir weaponry)

  • Sites containing malicious content or resources that attempt to gain access to the user's money or personal information

  • Prescription medication

  • Tobacco products, smoking accessories

  • Financial pyramid schemes

  • Goods and services whose production or sale is forbidden or restricted by law in the Russian Federation (for example: forged documents, pornographic material)

Special rules for displaying banners in other countries

For banner ads that are displayed in different countries, additional local restrictions need to be indicated, specifically for:

In Belarus, banner ads for the following products are forbidden: infant formula, tobacco products.

More information about goods and services that can not be advertised or whose advertisement is restricted can be found in the document Yandex Advertising requirements.