Technical mistakes when creating banners

Flash banners

When you create a banner in flash format, you should consider the following:
  • Users should only be directed to the site when they click on the flash banner (onRelease event). When the flash banner is clicked on, the advertised site should open in a new browser window.
  • All referral links should be added to the source file (.fla).

    Incorrect link

    Correct link

    on(release) {
    getURL(_, "_blank");
    on(release) {
    getURL(_root.link1, "_blank");

    You don't need to replace the root.link1 link with a link to the advertiser's page.

  • Information about the banner background and frame is indicated in the base layer of the .swf file.

Before you create a banner in flash format, review the list of requirements on the Flash banners with video and audio page.

HTML5 banners

Before you create an HTML5 banner, consult our list of requirements on the HTML5 banners page.