Legal information on banners

Age restrictions

Banner ads for products and services that are within the scope of the Russian Federal Law “On Protecting Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development” must contain age ratings.

Problematic banner

This banner needs an age restriction. For example, “16+”.

Correct banner

An age restriction was added.

Ads for shared-equity construction

Banner ads for shared-equity construction must contain:
  • The name of the legal entity and its business structure
  • Information about the location and how to obtain the project declaration

Ads for baby food

Banner ads for baby food must contain:
  • Age restriction for product use
  • A notice to consult a healthcare professional

Problematic banner

Must add an age restriction and notice to consult a healthcare professional to the banner. For example, “Baby food from 8 months. Consult with pediatrician before use”.

Correct banner

Age restriction and notice to consult a pediatrician are included.

Ads for online stores

Banners advertising online stores must contain:
  • The name of the legal entity and details about its business structure
  • OGRN (osnovnoi gosudarstvenniy registratsionniy nomer)
  • Store's legal address

Problematic banner

Must add store's legal information. Например, LLC “Bike”, 125252, Moscow, Big street, 1, OGRN 1111111111111.

Correct banner

Store's legal information added to banner.

Clearance ads

When advertising sales/special offers, the starting and ending dates must be included on the banner.

Ads for promotional events

Banners ads for special events, lotteries, or competitions must contain information about:
  • The organizer of the event
  • Participation rules
  • The number of prizes or winnings
  • When, where, and how prizes or winning will be distributed

Example of wording: the competition runs from October 3-30, 2016. Information about the organizer, rules, dates, number of prizes, and prize distribution can be found on the site

Ads for financial services

Banner ads for financial services must indicate the name of the legal entity and its business structure.

This information should:
  • Be clearly visible against the rest of the ad so that the user can read it without having to take any additional measures or use special programs/tools.
  • Be readable even if screen resolution is low.
  • Remain visible long enough for the entire text to be read at an average reading speed (150 characters a minute).

Problematic banner

Must add information about the company's business structure and the official name of the car dealership or bank that is issuing credit. For example, “Our car dealership”, LLC, “Our bank”, LLC.

Correct banner

Information about organization added.