How to format a banner

Your banner needs to meet certain requirements to pass moderation:

  1. Design
    1. Banner edges
    2. Banner elements
  2. Text
    1. Color and location
    2. Meaning and intent
  3. Site and links


Banner edges

The banner should have visible edges and a non-transparent background. Avoid overly bright colors.

Problematic banner Comments

You must put the banner in a border and get rid of any transparent elements so that the ad doesn't blend into the website background.

Banner elements

Banners and banner elements should not flash because this distracts the user from the webpage contents. Banner elements should not change more often than once every two seconds. For more information, read the Advertising requirements.

Banners should not contain:
  • Design elements from Yandex webpages.
  • Standard elements of the graphic user interface that do not function in the customary way.
Problematic banner Comments

The search bar must perform its standard function — processing search queries. A user can't enter a search in this bar.

The inscription on the button must correspond to the function that the button performs. If a user clicks “Play” and ends up at another site (rather than at a game), then the inscription is misleading.

A banner ad should not masquerade as a system message.


Color and location

Text should contrast with the background and be easy to read.

Text should not be:
  • Too bright, small, or blurry.
  • On a bright or multi-color background.
  • Placed under or over the image (text can only be placed on the image itself).
Problematic banner Comments

The text below this image is too small and light-colored.

The multicolored background makes it hard to understand the subject of the ad.

Meaning and intent

The text should not contain:
  • False information (deliberately misleading promises and claims).
  • Use of slang, crude, or colloquial expressions.
  • Aggressive calls to engage in violence or cruelty.
  • Prices in a foreign currency with no indication of their equivalent in rubles or the currency of the country where the banner is displayed.
  • Words or phrases in a foreign language with no translation to Russian or the language of the country where the banner is displayed.
Problematic banner Comments

A translation of the word “sale” should be given in Russian or the language of the country where the banner displays. For prices in dollars, indicate their equivalent in rubles or the currency of the country where the banner displays.

This slogan contains an aggressive message.

This slogan contains obscene or inappropriate language.

Site and links

  • Banner content should reflect the contents of the page that it leads to. For example, a banner advertising a clearance should lead to a clearance page rather than the store's homepage.
  • If the banner leads to a page in a foreign language, then the banner needs to notify the user of that fact.

Problematic banner

A notification about the fact that the site is in a foreign language must be added to the banner.

Correct banner

Notification added.