How can I increase my approved budget?


You can only add money to an auction line with the Flight status.

To add money:
  1. On the ad campaign page, go to the Lines tab.
  2. Select a schedule.
  3. Click the  → Top up account button.

On the Add money to schedule page, fill in the appropriate fields and click Issue invoice.

When you add money, change the auction parameters:

  • If you selected the “Budget” or “Fixed CPM” strategy, change the line budget.
  • If you selected the “Minimum CPM” or “Average CPM” strategy, then change the number of impressions.


You chose the “Budget” strategy, set a budget of 21,000 rubles, and then added another 25,000 rubles to it. Now you have to change the strategy parameters: enter the new campaign budget of 46,000 rubles.