What does the line status mean?

Line status changes at every stage. The type of status depends on the stage that the line is in.

“In development” status
This status is assigned to a line that has yet to be reserved or sent to flight.
Statuses after sending to flight
  • “Awaiting flight confirmation” — request pending review.
  • “Flight” — traffic is reserved and it's possible to issue a credit request. This status is given to lines that have been paid and those that have already started serving ads.
  • “Flight” (for auction lines) — the user is ready to pay for the line and prepare their advertising materials. If all criteria are fulfilled, then the line starts on the date indicated automatically.
  • “Flight rejected” — there is no free traffic.
“Changing parameters” status
This status is given to a line if traffic was reserved, but then the line was temporarily revoked for editing.
Flight cancellation statuses
  • “Awaiting confirmation of flight cancellation” — the request has not been reviewed yet.
  • “Flight canceled” — impressions are pulled from the plan, and funds on the agency's account are unlocked. If impressions already started, the cost of impressions that were actually served is deducted from the account.
Additional information about the order is displayed under the line status:
  • “No schedules” — the line has no schedule and hasn't been stopped.
  • “Waiting for start date” — the line has a schedule and is awaiting its start date. There are no active schedules on the present date.
  • “Active” — the line has an active schedule (in the previous 24 hours, impressions have been served or bids have been placed).
  • “Inactive” — the line has an active schedule, but there have been no impressions or biddings between the start date and the current date.
  • “Stopped” — the line has stopped.
  • “Finished” — there are no active or planned schedules for the line.