Why hasn't my campaign started?

If you paid for lines (or used credit), then impressions will start in accordance with your schedule.

Problems may arise in the following situations:

Late payment

If you pre-pay, then Yandex must receive your payment no later than one working day before the beginning of the impression period. Factor in the time that it takes to transfer funds: payments are considered to have been made when funds are credited to Yandex's account (not when funds are withdrawn from the advertiser's account).

If you place ads using credit, then you must issue a credit request no later than one working day before the beginning of the impression period.

Otherwise reserved but unused traffic will automatically be freed up on the day when impressions were set to start.

Late banner submission

Ad materials that satisfy Yandex's requirements and the laws of the Russian Federation must be submitted for moderation no later than two working days before impressions launch.

On the day when impressions start, if there isn't a single banner that had impressions during the current period (that is, has the “Accepted by moderation: Waiting for start date” or “Accepted by moderation: Pending” status), then reserved but unused traffic automatically gets freed up.

Mismatch between banners and formats chosen for the line
Each selected format must match at least one approved banner. If the formats and banners don't match, the line impressions aren't shown.
Late postponement of impression start date.

If you want to change the start date for impressions, this should be done at least two working days before the original start date. To reschedule impressions, you need to temporarily revoke the line from flight. Usually reserved traffic is lost when an advertiser changes the line period on the day when impressions start.

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